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Headline: Snow Goose Migration
Description: Wildlife is abundant at North Dakota's National Wildlife Refuges. Credit USFWS n/aPhoto Credit: Keith Frankki / USFWS....It is difficult to fit 750,000 geese into a single frame!.... ..These migratory birds began arriving at Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge (SE North Dakota) on Thursday March 10th 2016 and their numbers gradually built to a high of over 750,000 at their peak. The flock consisted primarily of snow geese, with some blue geese sprinkled throughout. The birds stayed on Lake Tewaukon for several days, enjoying the only open water in the area..... ..Hundreds of people flocked (pun intended) to the refuge to witness this spectacular wildlife show! The sound of that many geese is deafening and it is impossible to imagine unless you’ve experienced it first-hand. Anglers standing side-by-side on the shore told our refuge staff that when the geese would take off or land in large numbers it was impossible to hear each other speak..... ..This year’s count is the second highest number of snow geese ever recorded on Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge. The highest count occurred in the spring of 1992 when once again Lake Tewaukon was the only open water around and over 750,000 snow geese piled in to the open water..... ..Of course, all good things must come to an end. These birds are only visitors who briefly grace us with their presence in the spring when they make their way to their Arctic breeding grounds. We will anxiously await their return in the fall as they head back down south to their wintering grounds.
Keywords: Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge, NWR, snow geese, birds, hunting, birding, migratory birds, waterfowl, spring, wildlife
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