Welcome to the North Dakota Media Library! 

You may browse and search the galleries to see some of the landscapes, the adventurous spirit, the vibrant communities, the scenic places and genuine people that make North Dakota a great place! If you are a TEAM ND member or have been invited to the system, click the “Login” link (upper right corner) to get started. Any photo or media uploaded to the North Dakota Media Library is copyrighted by the State of North Dakota, unless otherwise noted.

If you are new to the media library, North Dakota has high-resolution photos and video assets available at no charge for non-commercial and non-political purposes. Please note individual asset information for any additional restrictions that may apply. The print-quality photos in this gallery are not to be altered in any way without the consent of North Dakota Media Library managers. Register for an account.

These photos are for noncommercial purposes only. They may not be resold or copyrighted; used in paid advertising; or used in materials promoting private, for-profit businesses, unless  written authorization is received from the State.

Additionally, photo credit must be given for each instance. Credit can be given in many ways, for example, text over the top of or below an image , a credits listing in a publication, in file metadata, or in the file name.

Access basic media library training here.

How to download

Publicly available assets can be downloaded with a watermark. For extended access or access to imagery without the watermark: 

  • Register for an account
  • Request will be reviewed and response will be sent via email with instructions on how to access images
  • Log in to the media library
  •  Search by subject in the “Search Asset Bank” bar or click the “Browse” tab on the left 

Submitting Assets

  1. Log in or request an account
  2. Once logged in, you will see a new link in the left-hand menu to "upload" items.

By uploading assets into the system you are guaranteeing that you or the organization you represent have rights to use and/or distribute the assets. Submission is also a guarantee that assets are in compliance with privacy laws in regards to the people shown and the location where imagery was obtained.

Any required forms of consent for property or people whose faces are shown, including guardian consent for minors, can be provided if necessary. If specific credit and/or if restrictions apply, define on upload.

Changes after upload can only be made by system administrators.

Submitters' name will be displayed publicly with the asset and included in the file metadata to provide credit.