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Headline: Cottonwood Campground
Description: Whether in the designated campground (Cottonwood Campground in the South Unit of TRNP) or in the back country, take the opportunity to fully embrace the badlands by pitching your tent and staying a night or more in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. NPS photo
Keywords: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, TRNP, badlands, scenery, Cottonwood Campground, tent, camping, picnic table, Little Missouri River, Medora,
Categories: Bodies of Water/ Rivers, Scenery/ Badlands, Scenery/ Water, Attractions/ Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Outdoor Recreation/ Camping  
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    • 09/08/2014 08:49
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    • Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
    • 09/17/2014 14:12
    • Description: Bison (Bison bison): average of 60-73 inches in height and 700-2,205 pounds in...
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